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A private global community that shares research and modalities on different healing methods.

About Us

Nima Farshid, CEO/founder at Lightworkers App & Gaia Healers, went through a personal healing journey. He was a very successful entrepreneur working 24/7 and creating an empire but at age 33 started having heart palpitations due to lots of stress and genetics. Doctors said he had to place a pacemaker, or he could drop dead in 2 weeks. He started doing a lot of research and went to a lot of seminars around the world. He gained so much knowledge that he healed his symptoms without any medications or surgery. During his journey, he was introduced to an energy wellness monitoring device called Bio-Well. He used this technology to help him bring wellness to himself and now is an expert educator for Bio-Well and has trained hundreds of holistic healers and wellness practitioners.

Why Join Us?

We bring together open-minded wellness practitioners who are ready to explore the tenets of holistic healing to collaborate, share knowledge, and learn different modalities to heal their patients so that we can improve communication with our clients, bring holistic, integrative healing to a wider group of people, and ultimately raise our planet’s vibration by paying attention to our mental, physical, and energetic bodies.

A Big Thanks

We appreciate you living a sharing life that will benefit everyone around you. It's powerful to keep our focus on bringing people together, increasing love, and truly caring for each other's growth. Living this way will increase our planet's vibration. After all, we should be the change that we want to see in our world!